March 14, 2018

The new rates, and changes.

Due to changes in the structure of the blockchain system, the maximum number of doublespends cycles has decreased from 8 to 6. Also we changed the order of profit of our plans:
1. The test plan was deleted - it became irrelevant.
2. Standard plan 0.015-0.089 BTC investment and profit x12 times.
3. Standard VIP 0.09-2.19 BTC investment and profit x41.7 times.
4. Exclusive VIP 2.20-25 BTC investment and profit x82.5 times.

Hurry up to earn. Perhaps the next time the system will exclude the possibility of using doublespends.

February 06, 2018

BTC rate fall down.

Due to BTC rate fall down. We were forced to correct minimal deposits at "Test our project" and "Standard Thearments" plans.
Now minimal deposit in "Test our project" plan is 0.008 BTC, in "Standard Thearments" 0.025 BTC. Stay tunned and fill free to contact us via online support or email

December 25, 2017

Site was unavailable.

We were unavailable because our data centr burned, so we were forced to find new one, bought new server, and now we are ready to continue work. We are sorry about it, but sh*t happens.

December 03, 2017

Site (Version 2.0)

We have just updated our system (to Version 2.0) and finaly we continue to work. To restore your account, write to support service your old login, PIN and new login.After we check details, your funds will be restored at your new account.