About us

About us

Who are we?

Are we Anonymous? - NO! We just borrowed the emblem from them (Thanks!).

We are a group of programmers who, in 2014, managed to bypass the protection of the "Double Spends" of bitcoins and decided to use it. Since 2014, the creators of bitcoin and blockchain technologies have tried to protect the crypto currency from "Double Spends".
The last attempted defense is November 2017. But we do not sleep ... We have bypassed all barriers.

Thanks to this technology, we can multiply bitcoins many times. How does this happen:

What is "Double Spends" you can learn in Google, this will not be explained. But how do we use it?
Thanks to "Double Spends" we can send the transaction twice. Someone will say "The second transaction will be stopped." Right! But, given some nuances of sending (the Secret of the firm), some time after the confirmation of the first transaction, the second will be confirmed too. That why we get not 1 transaction, but 1.9 transactions (0.1 leave commissions for 2 transactions). This we call "one cycle". For a day, such cycles can be done 8 times, having received a profit of 160 times (1 * 1.9 * 1.9 * 1.9 * 1.9 * 1.9 * 1.9 * 1.9 * 1.9 = ~ 160) exceeding the original transaction. For our regular customers, we offer a hundredfold multiplication of their deposit. The rest we take as a reward. For VIP clients, we stipulate the conditions individually with each.

"Why are you attracting customers, and not doing it yourself?" - It's very simple ... All transactions "Double Spends" are trying to track and return. If you send transactions from the same wallet, then your wallet will be found and the whole transaction chain will be blocked. It's hard to automatically create new wallets all the time, and can cause errors in our script method. In any case, the hands of people are more reliable.
"So we can be found?" - No, the chance is less than the collision of the planets. If you send a transaction from one wallet only once in 2 months - then it is impossible to "catch" it in billions of transactions.
That's why we set a transaction sending limit:


Restriction for regular users: 1 investment in 60 days. This restriction applies to all parameters (1 account, 1 IP address, 1 physical address, 1 computer, 1 fingerprint system, etc.). All violators of the rule - ban (ip, account, fingerprint of the system etc.) forever.

Restriction for VIP users: 1 investment in 20 days. After 20 days, we provide the client with a dedicated server for sending a new transaction. In 60 days after the first VIP transaction was sent, the client can repeat the transaction from the same IP or computer.

"Test payment" is designed to test our system by you. Check on SCAM. It can be used by every person only once. Unfortunately, after using the "test payment", the time-out for all other payments is also 60 days! (Exception: if the customer has contacted the support service and stated that he is ready to become a VIP client, in this case, the timeout will be 20 days.).


How to become a VIP client?
If you did not make investments - your first investment should be at least 0.56 BTC. VIP status will be assigned to you automatically.

If you made an investment (including a "test payment"), you can contact the support team with the statement "I want to become a VIP customer and ready to deposit more than 0.56 BTC." Our support team will check your details and tell you what to do next.

The VIP status is displayed in the client's personal account.

VIP clients get the opportunity to make an investment once every 20 days. Also VIP clients get special profitable offers from our programmers to participate in our other VIP private projects.
VIP clients receive gifts and rewards on international holidays.

VIP clients - violating the timeout rules - Are blocked forever as well as ordinary users.

Well, we told about ourselves. All other answers to the questions can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section or by contacting the online support team. And remember, IF YOU ARE AFRAID TO LOSE MONEY (BITCOINS), DO NOT INVEST THEM IN ANY WAY, EVEN IN OUR COMPANY. SO THERE WILL BE QUIET!